eighteen | fifty two

The Soest Feud in 2013 - a big adventure.

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seventeen | fifty two

I love hiking in the mountains of South Tyrol.

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sixteen | fifty two

Hike to the Externsteine - A Lost World

Last week I visited the Externsteine. That was awesome!

Some information from the Internet:

The Externsteine -– a distinctive rock formation of up to 40 metres in height in the Wiembecke valley near Horn-Bad Meinberg in Lippe – are among the best-known natural and cultural monuments in Germany. The relief of the Descent from the Cross, carved into the rock by medieval stone masons, is of international significance. Further relicts bear witness to the varied history of the rock formation, such as the medieval grotto or the observation platform with stairway dating from the 19th century.

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Music: Epic Soul Factory - The Lost World

fifteen | fifty two

A nice spring day at the lake.

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fourteen | fifty two

At The Lake

This sunday I visited a small bewitched lake in East Westphalia and found some funny sculptures.

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Music: Snow In Venice - Elizaveta

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thirteen | fifty two

Wish you all a very Happy Easter!

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twelve | fifty two

Duck Tales

Some ducks swimming in the river.

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Music: Kat Edmonson - Lucky

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eleven | fifty two

Three Hares’ Window

I visited the 1200 year old University and Cathedral city of Paderborn, the second largest but most beautiful city in the East Westphalia-Lippe region. I entered the Dom (Cathedral), 11th -16th century, saw the northern portal, known as the red portal, went to the cloister and found the Drei-Hasen-Fenster (Three Hares’ Window) one of Paderborn’s emblems. Each hare has two ears, but altogether there is only one ear per hare.

The Poem that goes with it:
“Der Hasen und der Löffel drei / und doch hat jeder Hase zwei.”
(The hares and ears are three / and yet each hare has two you see)

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Music: The Sound of Arrows - Winding Roads

ten | fifty two

The Rain Worm - A Big Journey

This weekend it rains all the time - best time for rain worms to slip away.

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Music: Baby I Love Your Way, Irene

nine | fifty two

Jumpcuts in a winterwonderland

Some jumpcuts in a winterwonderland and eating like a horse - for example the “Wiener Größenwahn” (I think the translation is “Viennese Megalomania” or something like that). The Challenge: Two big Viennese Schnitzel, French fries and salat. Mission accomplished!

Camera: GoPro Hero 3
Music: Jenny’s Theme, Jason Shaw (audionautix.com/Index.html)